Thursday, october 27 – LD – Chanteau

For this second day near Orléans, direction Chanteau for the only Long Distance race of this weFor this second day near Orleans, direction Chanteau and the Massif d’Orléans for the only long distance race of this week of CNE. Timetable Reception from 09h00 Departures from 10:00 am. Defined by the organization. Closing of the circuitsContinue reading “Thursday, october 27 – LD – Chanteau”

Monday, october 31 – Night CF- Ormes

Last event of this long week of CNE, the night CF will take place in Ormes in the woods of Bucy.It will be necessary to face the cold and the darkness to claim the title of champion of France…. Timetable Reception from 17h00 Departures from 18:00. Defined by the organization. Closing of the circuits atContinue reading “Monday, october 31 – Night CF- Ormes”

Sunday, october 30 – CNE – Charbonnière castel

Organized on the site of the Château de Charbonnière, the main event of this week of competitions, the National Team Criterium should bring together more than 2000 orienteers.In addition to the mini relays and the men’s, women’s and mixed relays, two City of Orleans trophies will allow teams of 3 orienteers to take part inContinue reading “Sunday, october 30 – CNE – Charbonnière castel”

Saturday, october 29 – Open Sprint – Orléans

In parallel to the French Sprint Championship, Open races, registered in the national ranking, are offered at the end of the CF races held in the morning. Timetable Reception from 07h30 First start after qualifications and W/M14 and W/M16 finals Closing of the circuits at 17h00. Access : Signposting : Distance parking – reception :Continue reading “Saturday, october 29 – Open Sprint – Orléans”

Saturday, october 29 – CF Sprint – Orléans

First of the 2 French championships proposed during this week of the CNE, this event is deeply revised this year with new groupings of license categories: D/H14 D/H16 D/H18-20 D/H21-35 D/H40-55 D/H60and+ For the categories D/H18-20 and D/H21-35, the CF takes place in 2 phases: Qualifications in the morning (quarantine) Finals for the first 30Continue reading “Saturday, october 29 – CF Sprint – Orléans”