Friday, october 28 – Sprint – Boigny sur Bionne

Last sprint before the French Championship which will take place the next day, this race will take place in the region of Boigny sur Bionne.


  • Reception from 09h00
  • Departures from 10:00 am. Defined by the organization.
  • Closing of the circuits at 17h00.

Access :

  • Signposting : Crossing D2152 / D124 route de Boigny (47°55’31.7”N – 1°59’38.9”E)
  • Distance parking – reception : on site
  • Distance reception-start : 600m
  • Distance arrival-reception: on site

Services :

  • Refreshment stand /catering
  • Toilets
  • No daycare on site

Type of terrain : Urban. Alternating parks and paved areas

Race announcement :

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