Monday, october 31 – Night CF- Ormes

Last event of this long week of CNE, the night CF will take place in Ormes in the woods of Bucy.
It will be necessary to face the cold and the darkness to claim the title of champion of France….


  • Reception from 17h00
  • Departures from 18:00. Defined by the organization.
  • Closing of the circuits at 23h30.

Access :

  • Signposting : Roundabout D2157 / D955 (47°56’36.8”N – 1°48’57.9”E)
  • Distance parking – reception : 4 000m
  • Distance reception-start :
  • Distance arrival-home :

Services :

  • Refreshment stand /catering
  • Toilets
  • No daycare on site

Type of terrain :
Alternation of typical Orléans forest and areas of ferns

Courses :

CoursesCategoriesDistanceElevation gainControlsMap scaleMap
AM2110.5km281/10 000Recto verso
BM209.3km221/10 000Recto verso
CM35, W21, W20, M18, M407.2km211/10 000Verso
DM45, W356.6km201/10 000Verso
EM50, M55, W18, W40, W45, M165.2km171/10 000Verso
FW50, W55, M60, M65, W163.25km131/10 000Verso
GW60, W65, M70, M75, M80et+, W70, W75, W80et+3.6km121/7 500Verso
HM14, W143.3km121/10 000Verso
IM12, W122.3km81/7 500Verso
KM10, W101.8lm81/7 500Verso

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