Monday, october 24 – Sprint- Montargis

Welcome to Montargis for this first race of the CNE week.
Rightly called the little Venice of the Gâtinais, the sub-prefecture of the Loiret will reveal itself to you in its most beautiful guise, but it is likely to make your head spin during this sprint registered with the CN.

Nicolas Bochenek, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Common


  • Reception from 09h00
  • Departures from 10:00 am. Defined by the organization.
  • Closing of the circuits at 17h00.

Access :

  • Signposting :
  • Distance parking – reception :
  • Distance reception-start :
  • Distance arrival-home :

Services :

  • No refreshment stand / no catering.
  • Toilets
  • No daycare on site

Type of terrain :

Urban. Presence of many waterways.

Courses :

CoursesCategoriesDistanceElevation gainControlesMap scale
AM20, M21, M351/4 000
BW20, W21, M18, M40, M451/4 000
CM50, M551/4 000
DW18, W35, W40, M161/4 000
EW45, W50, W55, W16, M60, M651/4 000
FW60, W65, W70, W70, W80et+, M70, M75, M80et+1/4 000
GW14, M141/4 000
HW12, M121/4 000
IW10, M101/4 000
Open1/4 000
Open1/4 000

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